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In January 1987, lawyers Ronald W. Brooks and Dean R. Rubuff established the law firm of Brooks & Amplifier. Rubuh. In December 1995, the company added Ronda Bennett to its partner. Bennett had been associated with the law firm since he graduated from law school in 1990. Later, in December 1997, Matthew K was added to the group and developed again. Foster as a partner. After graduating from law school, Mr. Foster had a relationship with the company. Scott Gwartney, who joined the company in April 2002, became a designated partner in January 2003. Kimberley Driguers joined the company in 2008 and became a partner in 2011. John Reese joined our company in 2012 as a partner. Caroline Luboff had a relationship with the company's consultants. She now has a lawyer's license in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Texas.

Established in 1985


Our mission is to protect the legal rights of customers seeking justice by providing fast, high quality legal services. You have too many wagers to buy less. Brooks、LeBoeuf、Bennett、Foster &P. A. Gwartney provides customers in North Florida and South Georgia with high quality legal services for civil suits, personal injuries, home negatives and criminal defense. Our law firm provides highly trained, experienced lawyers and cares about customers and their lawsuits.

LeBoeuf, Dean R. Corp's management partner, is currently dedicated to civil suits involving complex personal injuries, including car negligence, medical malpractice, neglect of care facilities and ill-treatment. He was an honor student who graduated from Florida State University in 1978 and received a degree in economics, accounting minors and political science. Ruboff continued his education at the Florida State University Law School, and in 1981 he earned a degree in law. After graduation, he opened up in private with a company of Brooks, Callaghan, and Phillips, and finally Brooks & amp;amp; Lubuf became a management partner in January 1987. Since then, Ruboff has been a company and amplifier; #39; We have been coaching the continued growth and operation of.

Dean L.





John Reese, Dean Lebuff, and all the law firm teams always move up and down. They give a great representative, and the Talahasee are lucky to have them! Every time I ask a question, they work with me to find the solution I need.

12/26/2020 10:12pm