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Protect legal rights. Davis at Jansen & Amplifier Law Office PA is a criminal defense company working in Tarahasi, Florida. For more than 20 years, we have been dedicated to supporting our clients in the field of criminal defense. We believe that experience is important to our business, and we have two former prosecutors, so our law firm can trust to fight to protect our customers' legal rights. Whether you're a professional player living in Taraha, a student at FSU, a criminal officer for a professional in business, or someone who's responsible for a professional in business, you'll reach a level if you don't have the effect of changing your life for yourself or for a professional. A criminal act is a criminal act regardless of the circumstances. You have to face the reality of your situation, while the criminal act is triggered and you still regret it. &Jansen; PA's Davis provides experienced and active representatives of: DUI defense drug offense theft offense white-collar crime Weapon Charges murder case sexual offense We know this is a difficult time for you. I will understand the seriousness of each case and give you a hearty hearing. Our mission to you is a good result. After 40 years of experience, more than 15,000 lawsuits, and more than 200 trials, we can rely on our lawyers. Call Jansen (&); Schedule Davis, PA, and Free Consultation





&Jansen; Davis Law will hand you the best law firm you've ever done. With a great experience, I've built a family-like relationship with a lawyer!

I am ready to deal with my case and thank you for the rest of my life.

When suspicious, Jansen & amp; Call. Davis.

- Jordan Strum

12/26/2020 05:57pm



Jansen & has been retained. Davis is to help her daughter arrested for possession of drugs.
My husband and I live in California, so I tried to deal with this matter from all over the country.
This law firm looked forward to the best interests of her daughter.
The first mistake was to pay 5,000 dollars in advance.
Except for the first or second call with the lawyer, the daughter is Jansen & Amplifier; He was almost dating. Davis was alone.
Her phone never returned again. They didn't let her know on a date in her court. When I decided the date of the trial, I postponed it and didn't tell my daughter. She had her license suspended and had difficulty going to meetings and trials with friends and public transportation.
She was preparing to go home for Christmas, so she told her lawyer whether she was allowed to leave. I didn't even answer the phone and ended up spending Christmas by myself.
5000 I don't know what I did for the dollar.
Eight months before the case was resolved, I entered the drug treatment program.
I don't recommend getting into prison!
warning received.

Lisa M

12/26/2020 10:31am