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The Panfrey Law Company was founded in 1999. Founded, owned and operated by Don Panfrei. Don has rejected more than 2,000 criminal charges against his clients and more than 100 cases of acquittal and trial. Don testifies as a professional lawyer and a judge is qualified as an expert in Florida. Don is an invited lecturer at universities and colleges across the United States. However, Don and Panfrey Law lawyers choose the court and the winner.

Established in 1999


Panfrey Law is a famous crime-defense company in Tarahasi, Florida. The law firm draws experience and insight from partners, lawyers, and staff. In other words, the customer will have a comprehensive view of the former prosecutor, law enforcement officer, and investigator.

Born and raised in Tarahasi, Florida, Jr. Don Panfrey is the founder of Panfrey Law. He has been protecting people charged with various crimes, including DUI, drug trafficking, domestic violence, assault, battery theft and murder, for over 20 years. Attorney General, State Prosecutor & Amplifier #39; Through his experience as a prosecutor at his office and a private practice detective, Jr. Don Pamphley has a wide range of trial experience. From criminal investigation to trial, he is familiar with all aspects of the criminal justice system.

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